New to Birmingham


Moving to a new city often means leaving behind a circle of friends. From coworkers to neighbors and sometimes family, the thought of building a new network of people you can trust is overwhelming. 

Birmingham has been home to great people throughout history who have shaped this place into the progressive yet friendly network. The people are what make any situation enjoyable. 

In Birmingham, life moves at a slower pace and southern hospitality is as sweet as the tea. You will find movers and shakers, modern industrialists, cosmopolitan technologists, world-class chefs, families of all sizes and more mixing together to propel the city forward.


Neighborhoods take on their own personality in the Birmingham metro area. Each has its own distinct elements that creates a true sense of community. If big-city living is your wish then residing among the high rises, revitalized industrial centers and history with a heart will be your scene. Moving out from the downtown epicenter will provide you with everything from historical southern charm to modern resort amenities. 

Start with a drive to find the area of town that speaks to you. There are so many areas to choose from and each have their unique elements to fit your lifestyle or allow you to create the lifestyle you want. Cities like Gardendale, Crestline, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia, Hoover and more just to name a few. Family friendly streets, quality schools, community gathering spots like parks and busy restaurants are just some examples of what you can find while driving through the heart of each suburban area. No more than twenty minutes in any direction.


From high atop the Vulcan statue, the symbol of the city of Birmingham, you can look in all directions to take in the sprawling hills of the Magic City. The major landmarks are easy to find but its the smaller things that make this city a great place to be.

You can have both family life and date nights. Family gatherings at home or out at one of the fun spots. Date nights at a high class restaurant or a historical BBQ favorite. Enjoy art, history, science, sports and more at affordable prices. In groups large or small.

Locating to a new city can be stressful but trust that you will find everything you are looking for here in Birmingham. If you aren’t sure where to start the Birmingham Moms Blog is a great resource. Read about neighborhoods, medical care, special events, networking opportunities and more. 

It’s nice to have you in Birmingham!



We are proud to have this “New to Birmingham” resource sponsored by our partners at the UAB Women & Infants Center. This hospital is the premier place for moms and babies in Birmingham, and moms can trust they will be in the care of some of the best qualified and most highly distinguished doctors and nurses in the field. The UAB Women & Infants Center is well-equipped to care for moms throughout a “high-risk” pregnancy, but their goal is to make labor and birth a beautiful experience for all moms.

Their state-of-the-art facility was constructed in 2010, and the nurses who served on the design team gave input to ensure not a single need of new moms would be overlooked. The birthing suites are extraordinary, but the care provided to new moms and their babies is what sets the UAB Women & Infants Center apart. The hospital staff exhibits a high level of commitment to new moms and their precious little ones, earning the hospital the Magnet designation for excellence in nursing care. The hospital has also proudly earned the “Baby-Friendly” designation, which indicates a commitment to practices that help newborn babies thrive and establish an immediate bond with their mothers. UAB is also home to the only Level 4 NICU in central Alabama.

Additionally, the UAB Women & Infants Center is part of UAB Medicine, which offers services for practically every medical need a family could face. With providers and facilities located throughout the city, UAB is ready to provide area families with comprehensive care at the highest standards.

If you are new to Birmingham, rest assured that you will be in good hands with our partners at UAB!