Alyssa S

Alyssa S
Alyssa Silvester is a Type A Midwesterner who cares for her people through home cooked meals and words of affirmation. She lives in Hoover, Alabama—a born Michigander turned Washingtonian turned Southerner through her family’s journey in military medicine—with her husband, toddlers (son and daughter 20 months apart), and two cats. Alyssa loves a good spreadsheet, seasonal decorations and foods, great books, and her Peloton streak. You can connect with her online at her blog, Alyssa’s Writing (https://substack.com/@alyssasilvester).
Potatoes in Birmingham

The Best Potatoes in Birmingham

Potatoes, one of America’s staple vegetables, are a humble food. They are not fussy, they do not ask for attention, they do not beg to be noticed. Baked, roasted, broiled, browned, glazed, mashed, or...
date night ideas in Birmingham

Non-Dinner Date Night Ideas in Birmingham

In 2023, my husband and I averaged one date out every other month. Six dates, mostly food-centered. Dressing up, enjoying fancy food and drinks out, and leaving the kiddos at home felt so special. In...
Family Movie Night Tradition

How to Create A Family Movie Night Tradition

“Want to watch a dog movie your mom and I loved when we were kids?” my husband asks with a grin. We move the coffee table away from the couch and lay a yellow...

If Baking with Preschoolers Were a Movie…

Setting Weekday early evening/late afternoon, also known as the witching hour: A mother, her 3 year old son, and her 17 month old daughter are in the kitchen. Butter, white sugar, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla,...
Free Outings Preschoolers

My Favorite Free Outings with Preschoolers

Riddle me this: What can sometimes feel longer than my son’s end-to-end connected Hot Wheels tracks spread across the house? It may also start to blend together like my daughter's washable paints. Answer: Days spent...

My Experience with Making New Friends as a Mom

On a cloudless day in June, you spot her. She’s chasing two blonde girls around the Ross Bridge splash pad. Her kids are just a bit older than yours. She looks over to her...

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Alyssa

Birmingham Life has thrown me a surprise party. I am a born Michigander who never imagined I’d marry a Texan and then raise children in the South. I am here for the celebration! I grew up...
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