Alyssa S

Alyssa Silvester is a Type A Midwesterner who cares for her people through home cooked meals and words of affirmation. She lives in Hoover, Alabama—a born Michigander turned Washingtonian turned Southerner through her family’s journey in military medicine—with her husband, toddlers (son and daughter 20 months apart), and two cats. Alyssa loves a good spreadsheet, seasonal decorations and foods, great books, and her Peloton streak. You can connect with her online at her blog, Alyssa’s Writing (https://substack.com/@alyssasilvester).

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Alyssa

Birmingham Life has thrown me a surprise party. I am a born Michigander who never imagined I’d marry a Texan and then raise children in the South. I am here for the celebration! I grew up...
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