Anna Nader

Anna Nader
Anna was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. After getting married, she moved back to her hometown of Alabaster (just south of Bham). Anna and her husband Mike have been married since 2013 and they are excited about their growing family! They have two children, Liam, who is 4.5, and Daphne, who is 2. Anna graduated from UAB with her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. While at UAB, Anna was a member of the Blazerettes dance team which is part of the Marching Blazers, UAB's marching band. Anna has been teaching in the early childhood field for over 10 years, and has also been a dance teacher for the 8 years. Anna was a contributor for Birmingham Moms Blog before relocating to the Sarasota area in Summer 2018. Anna and her family are excited to get to know the SRQ area and community!
first dance class

Preparing Your Child for the First Dance Class

Ahh … Fall. Fall not only means the beginning of school, pretty leaves, and novelty lattes, it also means the start of extracurricular activities and sports! If your little one (or older one) is...

Leaving Birmingham :: What I’ll Miss Most

Birmingham. B'ham, The Ham, The 205, The Magic City, Steel City . . . whatever adoring nickname you prefer, it's a wonderful city. Recently, my family and I moved away from Birmingham, my hometown...

What Teachers Really Want During Teacher Appreciation Week

Ahhhh, springtime! Baseball season has started, pollen season is well underway (Bless you, by the way) and the school year is coming to a close. Speaking of the school year, did you know that...

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Back in 2013, I had the opportunity to be in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. It was such a wonderful experience and now I am obsessed with all things Irish! I wrote this post...

We’re on the Same Team :: Choosing a Daycare

  If you find yourself in the position where you have to send your baby or young child to daycare, it can be a little overwhelming. Whether you have to work to support your family...

Baby Sign Language :: How I Got My Baby to Stop Screaming at Me

 I’ve seen it so many times: baby or toddler, overwhelmed by the situation and unable to communicate his or her thoughts and feelings to the parent or care-taker, commences to screaming and sobbing. Maybe...

5 Ways to Expand Your Wardrobe this Winter

I love to shop for clothes. I love to see what the new styles are, imagine myself wearing them out and about, getting compliments ... the whole thing. But, now that I've found myself...

Are Online Parties Really Helping Anyone?

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How to Plan a Staycation in Birmingham

With summer winding down and football season in full swing, I know most people have already taken their vacations and are gearing up for fall. But if you’re anything like me, you might need...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Anna

Hello! I am thrilled to introduce myself to everyone! I love Birmingham and being a mom, so this lovely blog has me super excited!   Birmingham I was born here in Birmingham at the tail end of...
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