Kathryn H

Kathryn H
Kathryn is 31 years old and lives on the outskirts of Birmingham in the small town of Kimberly. She is a full time working mom, living out her dream as a pediatric oncology nurse practitioner. An Alabama native, Kathryn spent her childhood in Greenville and Montgomery, then went to high school in Asheville, NC, before returning home to attend nursing school at AUM. When her youngest child was born, she went back to get her masters degree in nursing from UAB. Kathryn has been married to her husband, Heath, for almost 10 years. She is Stepmom to Seth (age 21), Brenna (age 15), and Mommy to Caroline (age 8) and Abbigail (age 7). Add two huge Labrador retrievers and a cat, and Kathryn's house can feel a little like a zoo when everyone is home at the same time. But it's the most wonderful chaos ever. Kathryn loves the beach, cooking in her Instant Pot, reading in silence and funky printed leggings. Her family spends a ton of time outside, hiking and playing in the sunshine, and commuting the short drive into Birmingham for rock climbing and eating at good restaurants.
summer learning plan

The Summertime Resolution :: Keeping Kids’ Brains Engaged During Summer Break

Mom confession: Last summer, I did not make my kids do ANYTHING with their brains. All they did was sleep late, snack a LOT, play outside, and have fun. Our school does student testing, called Global...

4 Things I Learned Being a Camp Nurse

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to be a camp nurse for a week. I had been fortunate enough to go to overnight camp when I was a kid; one summer I...

Just Like the Other Kids {National Diabetes Month}

“She had just started t-ball, and she was drinking just GALLONS a day . . . she could just never get enough to drink.” Ava’s mom, Ali, noticed the classic signs at first: increased...

The Case for Boarding School

In the South, people always ask about your upbringing. It’s really just polite conversation. Who’s your grandma? Where were you raised? Do you cheer for Auburn or Alabama? Where did you go to high...

Do It Anyway :: Chasing New Dreams as a Mom

In April 2018, I decided to try to get into running. Before I turned 30, the idea of running to me was laughable. At first, I was just running to get in shape and...

From the Nurse :: A Crash Course in Kids’ Sports Injuries

Sports are the “thing” at our house. Someone is playing a sport every season, whether it’s softball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, or volleyball -- our girls are into it if there is a competition involved....

From the Nurse :: Welcome to Flu Season

Let me just go ahead and warn you: URI (upper respiratory infection) season is upon us. It’s the dreaded phrase we moms hate to hear in the pediatrician’s office: “It’s a viral infection.” Why hasn’t anyone...

Exploring Birmingham :: A Perfect Day North of the City

The communities in north Jefferson County have a lot more to offer than just that small town living feeling, and it’s easy to have a perfect day without venturing down I-65. Here is my...

A Nurse’s Perspective on Childhood Cancer {Childhood Cancer Awareness}

September is my favorite month for a lot of reasons: several family birthdays, fall and pumpkin everything, boots and leggings. But it is also . . . Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 30 days of gold ribbons. 30...

From the Nurse :: Decoding Terms and Phrases of the Pediatrician’s Office

Real talk: Pediatrician's offices are busier than I-65 southbound on the Friday of a holiday weekend. So, it might be that sometimes your questions go unanswered at the pediatrician's office during your well child visit....
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