Lauren P

Lauren P
Lauren is a Chicago native turned Alabama resident. She came to Alabama leaving behind great pizza, tall buildings, and white winters to become a doctor. Little did she know, she would meet one special person who would change her life forever. Now Lauren resides in Hoover with her husband, Dell, and two kids, Brysen and Karsyn. She enjoys busy days, quiet nights, football, and barbeque. (Oh, and let's not forget Target and the beach!)

Moving Forward :: Celebrating Juneteenth

In 2021, the U.S. Senate approved a bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. This is wonderful news for Black culture as we are still fighting for equal rights today. The proclamation of Juneteenth...

Lunches Made Easy :: Tips and Tricks for School Lunches

Making school lunches for kids seems like an easy task, right? A Lunchable here, a turkey sandwich there . . . But even with my best intentions, sometimes my tiny human still comes home...

You Can Do It, Kid! :: Being Confident Going Back to School

Dear Kids,   Back to school looks and FEELS a little different after the year we've had and there are a lot of big feelings involved. Those big feelings are about everything from growing up...

Tips for Spring Cleaning :: Mental Health Style

Spring is here! Flowers are growing, the weather is changing, and it's time for spring cleaning. Here’s the catch . . .  I’m not here to chat about cleaning closets and reorganizing shelves. I’m...

Words From a Black Girl :: A Letter From My African American Daughter

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough in 2020, it was also an election year (insert sigh); and wow, was it one for the books! There was so much at stake during this election from...

Matters of Black Mental Health :: ADHD

Mental health is at the forefront of the country's issues right now. In the midst of the pandemic and racial injustice is mental health. Depression and anxiety are on the increase in men, women,...

Being the Light :: Positive Thinking Upon Returning to School During the Pandemic

Well, Parents, here we are . . . back to school. We certainly didn’t think it was going to look or feel like this, right? Finding new meanings in words like virtual, remote, and...

A Letter from an African American Boy to His White Friends

This post I am writing to you today is different. Our world is different. Here in 2020, racism and racial injustice are still real. People are still judging other people by the color of...
Offering safety and stability for our kids during the coronavirus pandemic

Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis :: Making Life Work

Parenting During the Coronavirus Crisis So here we are in coronavirus quarantine ("coro-tine") day 1,234,000. We are tired, anxious, a little tipsy, exhausted, and bored. Our kids are now off any routine, they are eating...

Connecting Kids :: Making Technology Safe and Useful

It's Okay to be Connected. Let’s have a moment of truth: we allow our children to use electronic devices. Day after day they use phones, tablets, video games, and laptops. While the length of usage...
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