Melissa L

Melissa L
Melissa is originally from the Mobile area but moved to Birmingham after graduating from Auburn University. After marrying and teaching for several years, she moved to a couple of different states so her husband , Bobby, could finish out his medical training. They came back to beautiful Birmingham in 2006 , and she is now a stay-at-home mom with their 5 children ( ranging from ages 8- 17) and their two fur babies. It’s usually crazy and loud in their home but she loves having an open door policy to build community. She loves Jesus, the beach and connecting with others. You will often find her at one of the many local coffee shops reading a book or listening to others stories over a cappuccino. Melissa is passionate about racial reconciliation in the church and helping women build bridges through listening and learning.

Happy New Year! :: Choosing Rest Over Resolutions

“Happy New Year!” That phrase produces a variety of emotions and feelings even as I type it. Celebrating a New Year should be a good thing, right? A year of possibilities. New starts. New goals....

Mental Health Awareness :: Moms, When Self-Care Is Not Enough

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As moms, this provides a great opportunity to discuss the emotional impact of the global pandemic with our families. Mental health is defined as emotional, psychological, and social...

Reflections on The Pandemic :: Lessons Learned and Beauty Found

On the anniversary of The Pandemic, I find myself reflecting on this past year. I’m lamenting and my heart aches for so many. I also am desperately searching for beauty in the midst of...

Teen Driving Safety :: Peparing My Kids Looks Different Than I imagined

How did we get here? I remember seeing a commercial a few years back. It featured a young teen who asked her dad for the keys to the car. When he looked at her, he...

ADHD Awareness :: Our Journey to Answers and Acceptance

I was at my son’s end-of-the-year kindergarten parent-teacher conference. “I think it would be wise to pursue testing for ADHD.” These were the words the teacher had just spoken. Really? I had heard words...

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Melissa L.

Hello, Birmingham Moms! I am so excited to be a part of the Birmingham Mom Collective (BMC) and consider it a privilege to share some of my experience as an older mom in this...
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