Michelle H

Michelle grew up in the Trussville/Pinson area but has lived in Leeds for 22 years. Michelle has been married to Todd for 25 years. They have 3 boys: Erik (16), James (13), and Micah (9). Michelle’s mom also lives with her family. Michelle has a Bachelor’s in Bible and Theology from Southeastern Bible College and worked at her alma mater in institutional and educational research for 14 years. Michelle works a couple hours a week teaching preschool childcare for The Church at Brook Hills. She also teaches a ladies' Bible study class and provides leadership to some ladies' multigenerational classes. She also volunteers with Leeds Elementary School and the Leeds High School marching band. In her spare time she likes to read and play around in the arts and crafts.

The Veggie Tray :: Dinner’s Superhero

I get serious spring fever from about spring break until school starts. The sunny weather makes me want to get out of the kitchen and do something, anything, other than cook. I also try...
life after graduation

Preparing Your Kids for Life After Graduation :: Part 1

As our kids start closing in on high school graduation, we ask ourselves if our kids are ready for life after graduation. For some kids that will mean going away for college. Other kids...

Exploring Birmingham :: Day Trip on the Train

I have three boys, and they are all interested in various vehicles, like cars, planes, boats, and trains. Trains hold a special place in their hearts, thought, and my youngest is now getting into...

Finding Connection When Life is Crazy

I was recently reminded of how easy it can be to feel disconnected from your spouse in times of stress or busyness. Illness, travel, crisis, and even ordinary chaos can lead to feeling disconnected....

Birmingham Mom Collective: Introducing Michelle H.

Birmingham I was born and raised in the Trussville/Pinson area of Birmingham, but my husband and I have lived in Leeds since 2001. I love the Birmingham area for the benefits of big city living,...
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