Rebekah V

Rebekah V
Rebekah moved around a lot growing up but has been blessed to call Birmingham home since she graduated from The University of Alabama in 2011. She, her husband Jon, and their two red heads (three and one) live in Meadowbrook with their beagle Mozzie. Rebekah has been a librarian and a vacation planner (for Disney Destinations) but now stays home with her son and daughter. Rebekah obviously loves books and all things Disney. She also loves cooking, gardening, time with friends, and that sweet hour in the morning where everything is quiet. She relies heavily on Mountain Dew but more so on God's grace to live out every day.

“Bigger Is Better” :: Things You Should NEVER Say to a Pregnant Woman

If I had been cool enough to know what "SMH" meant when I was pregnant, it may have accompanied 99% of the text messages I sent as I shared the latest unfathomable observations made...

Mom Hacks :: Five Quick Steps to a “Clean” House

We’ve all been there: that moment when you find out company is coming, your house is being shown to a potential buyer, or you need to host a last-minute function. You look around and...

Grocery Budgeting 101 :: A New Year’s Resolution I WILL Keep

Groceries are expensive. Period. No matter how you slice or dice it, trying to purchase food for a family is stressful. Not long after my husband and I married, I resolved to spend as...

The Test Was Negative, but COVID is Killing My Grandmother

I want to start this post by saying that I understand that COVID-19 is serious. I understand that health and safety are important. I understand that leaders have big decisions to make with a...

DIY Bath Bombs :: A Budget-Friendly Gift Idea

I have recently been looking for ways to cut spending at our house. I've never been one to spend a lot on my hair or nails, and I rarely buy clothes for myself. I...
graduating seniors

Dear Graduating Seniors, I Get It . . .

Dear Graduating Seniors, An important chapter of your life has just ended. Abruptly. You didn’t see it coming, you couldn’t plan for it, and you don’t know how to sort out your feelings. To put...

A Delicious Dinner with Jambalaya Girl

I have a thing for meal planning. I like to know what I will make each night of the week before I enter the grocery store on Monday morning. Time saving strategies are also...

Rocking My Babies :: Tales from Bed Time

I am a rule follower by nature. Actually, not just a rule follower, but a recommendation follower as well. So, as soon as I found out I was pregnant with our oldest child, I...

Hello! I am “Basic”

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mom. Every career choice seemed like a backup plan because I believed--and still believe--that my calling in...

The Terribly Terrific Twos

I currently have an infant and a two year old. Needless to say, there is a lot of crying happening at my house these days. Obviously, that is to be expected from my infant...
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