Whitney H

Whitney H
Small-town girl gone big city, Whitney is an Alabama native and mama to sweet triplet girls, Remi, Rylee, and Ruth. She and her husband Ben love the challenge of raising triplets and find joy in being “those people.” As a former elementary school teacher, Whitney has a creative spirit and loves a good DIY. She’s passionate about momming and upbeat music and has found the two pair well. She also couldn’t live without roller coasters, Dave Ramsey, marker pens, and all things colorful. Plagued by perfectionism and indecisiveness but blessed with a determined personality, she relies on a heavy dose of grace to get through every day. Keep up with Whitney's family on YouTube.

Freshen Up Your Laundry Routine This Spring

During my five years of marriage pre-kids, I was a laundry goddess. I had such a precise routine down and hardly ever fell behind. I mean, c'mon, it was laundry for TWO. Throw a...

What’s in My Toddler’s Easter Basket

  Easter has always been a favorite, most exciting time of year for me. The holiday itself is a time to reflect on the hope I have in Jesus Christ and the incredible sacrifice that...

Tips for Saving Sanity and Money on a Road Trip with Kids

We all know a road trip with kids can sometimes take a good five years off our lives. Some of my most stressful parenting moments have involved interstates, screaming toddlers, and dropped loveys. However, after...

How I Fed Three Babies Breastmilk for a Year {and Still Had Leftovers}

Start here: Every woman's body is different. There is no exact answer or equation that leads to breastfeeding success for all. Some women are able, some are not, and that's just how it is. With...

MCMG :: Multiple Children Mom Guilt

We have a little community park within walking distance of our house, and one of our favorite things to do is stroll there and swing. All my girls LOVE to swing. There aren't baby...

My Top 5 Go-To Toddler Meals

Cooking for and feeding a toddler can be one of THE most frustrating, stressful things for us moms. It's so hard to consistently feed them healthy, wholesome meals and snacks, and their bi-polar appetites...

Infertility and the Power of a Story

In a society where we Americans obsess over convenience and instant gratification, infertility is a scary thing. Sure, there are clinics and specialists and surgeries, but here's the thing: sometimes A and B just...

Birmingham Moms Blog :: Introducing Whitney

Birmingham  The summer before college, my aunt invited me to live with her while I worked in Homewood. It would be the first taste of city life for a small-town Southern girl. She pointed out...
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