Chick-fil-A® Catering Options in Birmingham

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Chick fil a catering Birmingham

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Chick-fil-A® at BMC! From delicious food to top-notch service, they consistently knock it out of the park. With Mother’s Day, graduation parties, and end-of-school events coming up, you may be looking for easy ways to feed a crowd. Enter Chick-fil-A® catering options in Birmingham!

Chick-fil-A® offers a full catering menu that’s perfect for all types of events. From wraps to chicken biscuits to packaged meals, they have options for any party, and many Chick-fil-A® locations will deliver right to your event! Here is everything you need to know about Chick-fil-A® catering options in Birmingham…

Catering Options

Chick-fil-A® Catering offers trays, packaged meals, and the option to order the individual menu items needed for your group. We love how these different options allow you to customize the meal and set-up for your event! Trays can work great for a large social gathering, while packaged meals may be better for work meetings or gatherings where you want to order a specific meal for each guest. 

What’s Included

Chick-fil-A® Trays

Chick-Fil-A catering BirminghamAt participating restaurants, tray offerings include Chick-fil-A® Nuggets, Chick-n-Strips™, Cool Wraps, Mac & Cheese, fruit, garden salad, Kale Crunch, Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwiches and Spicy Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwiches. Chick-fil-A® Nuggets and Chick-n-Strips™ include one 8-oz. sauce for dipping and two sauces for large trays. With so much to choose from, you can create the perfect spread to please everyone’s taste buds! Many of the catering trays are reheat-able, so you can enjoy them even on Sundays when Chick-fil-A® restaurants are closed.

Chick-fil-A® Packaged Meals

Packaged meals include the Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich, Spicy Chilled Grilled Chicken Sub Sandwich, Cool Wrap and 8 ct Chick-fil-A® Nuggets. The best part? Entrees come with a bag of Waffle Potato Chips and a Chocolate Chunk Cookie. Yum!


If you’re catering a breakfast, Chick-fil-A® offers that too! You can order individual breakfast menu items, like one of their buttery biscuits with chicken or bacon or go with a tray of tasty Chick-n-Minis™.


A meal wouldn’t be complete without drinks, and Chick-fil-A® has you covered with gallon-sized options of their favorite beverages, including freshly brewed sweetened and unsweetened iced tea, Sunjoy, and Chick-fil-A® Lemonade in diet or regular. For breakfast, you can even get a container of coffee.

Don’t Forget the Gift Cards!

I’m always thrilled when I show up to an event where the host has ordered Chick-fil-A®! I’ve ordered it for events myself and appreciate the easy ordering process and that everyone will enjoy the food. In addition to catering, you may also need to pick up some gifts for teachers, coaches, and other special people in your life. Chick-fil-A® gift cards and eGift cards make a thoughtful gift that’s suitable for everyone on your list!


Let Chick-fil-A® handle the food for your next event and enjoy the party! Download the Chick-fil-A® App today to place your order.


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