Rachel G

Rachel G
Rachel Gunn is a former teacher turned full time mom and family coach. She was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Her fish-out-of-water life, melding her northern heritage and southern raising, has grown her as a mom and as a Christian woman. She obtained her masters in Education from UAB and taught middle school for ten years. She lives in the Oak Mountain community with her husband, Brent, two teenagers; Katelyn and Sarah, and their Sheepadoodle, Pearl. Rachel founded Seeds of Impact, a nonprofit with a mission to empower and equip moms to impact the next generation in a powerful way. When not working and driving kids around, Rachel loves to go on adventures with her family. They particularly love exploring the country by RV. To unwind, she loves reading mysteries and Elin Hildebrand novels.
RV Travel

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Before I was a mom, I was a teacher. I quit several years ago to be at home with my kids. Like most teachers with children, living in both worlds has given me a...

Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Rachel

Birmingham I was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Birmingham when I was a year old. While I am a northerner by birth, I am southerner at heart. For me, there is no better place...
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