Why Routines Help Kids Thrive – Q&A with Ardent Preschool

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One of the things you learn quickly as a parent is the benefit of routines. Structure and predictability go a long way in helping our little ones navigate the world around them! So how do we create helpful routines that benefit our kids? We talked with our friends at Ardent Preschool & Daycare to learn more. Ardent believes in fostering a nurturing environment for little ones to thrive and has seen first-hand how consistent routines can positively contribute to a child’s growth and development. Let’s dive in to learn why routines matter for babies, toddlers, and preschool-aged children and how Ardent is implementing routines to help kids succeed.

Why are consistent routines important?

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Consistency is the cornerstone of stability in a child’s life. Routines provide a sense of security and predictability, reducing anxiety and promoting emotional well-being. Young children do not necessarily measure the day by “time” like we do. They gauge time by the activities and events that happen within their day.

When a young child has a consistent routine, it gives them a sense of predictability that helps them feel safe. Mary Grace Grimes, Ardent Teacher at Patchwork Farms, stated, “Feeling safe in an environment allows a child the mental freedom to thrive in all areas of development academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

What is a good approach to transitioning into the routine of childcare?  

A successful approach to transitioning a child into the routine of childcare involves gradual introduction, open communication, and consistency. We’ve also found it’s important to be flexible and vary our approach depending on the child’s temperament and past experiences. At Ardent, our teachers pay close attention to individual differences to help children when they are adjusting to the new routine of daycare. Positive reinforcement, empathy, and flexibility play key roles in supporting the child through the transition process. Open communication between parents and caregivers, along with regular updates on the child’s progress, contributes to a positive and gradual transition. An adjustment period is always necessary, but once a child gets into a routine they are comfortable with, they will thrive!

How can parents and teachers work together to develop routines?

Collaboration between parents and teachers is key to a child’s overall development. We encourage our parents and teachers to have open lines of communication so we can better understand where a child’s actions may be coming from. We also want parents to ask questions to better understand what their child’s day-to-day looks like. Implementing similar routines at home helps the child gain a better sense of overall independence.Ardent Preschool Routines Birmigham

Matthew Lewis, an Ardent Parent at Patchwork Farms, states that his son, Windom, has thrived with the structure and routine that he has learned at Ardent.  The routine has worked so well that he and his wife Allie implement a similar routine at home.  “Windom likes to set a timer at home to help transition from one activity to the next whether it is coming inside the house from playing outside, or walking upstairs to start bathtime, etc.  We, as parents, believe that he learned this from Ardent and we continue to use it today because it works, and our son enjoys feeling like he has some control as well.” We want all students to experience an age-appropriate sense of independence at each stage. It takes a partnership between the parents and teachers to help make this happen.

What kinds of routines seem to be the most helpful for young children?

In our experience, a balanced routine encompassing play, learning, rest, and nutritious meals proves to be most beneficial. Structured playtime, engaging learning activities, and consistent sleep schedules contribute to a well-rounded day for young children.

What are some of the results you see when consistent routines are implemented with young children?

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At Ardent, we want the transition from home to daycare to be seamless. We establish consistent routines for all ages, so the children begin to know what to expect throughout the day. By the second week of school, most children have adjusted to their new schedule. Daily consistency helps the kids know what to expect, and teachers can move from activity to activity easier. Children begin to feel more stable, and their behavior begins to improve. With the child’s adjustment, parents feel more at ease at drop off and they are able to see quicker improvements in their child’s growth.

Ardent sounds like a great school! Tell us more.

We take pride in offering a structured environment that nurtures independence. Our curriculum blends structured learning activities with ample opportunities for free exploration. Through play-based learning, children develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and a love for learning. Our dedicated teachers guide children in making choices, fostering a sense of autonomy within a safe and supportive setting.
We seek to collaborate with parents and embrace each child’s uniqueness to create an environment where structured routines and independent learning coexist harmoniously, fostering holistic development in every child.

Are you looking for care for your child? Ardent is currently enrolling at all four of their Birmingham Locations. Head to their website to find a location near you and schedule a tour today!


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