Elaine Bradberry

Elaine Bradberry
Elaine is originally from Mobile, Alabama, but Birmingham has always had a special place in her heart. She made frequent trips to the Magic City as a child to visit relatives and envisioned living here one day. She is 8 years in and loves it! Elaine and her husband Kyle got married in 2019 and welcomed their son David at the beginning of 2021. She is a proud graduate of The University of Alabama and holds a bachelor's degree in Public Relations. She has worked in the nonprofit and corporate sector doing ministry, volunteer coordinating, marketing, and recruiting to name a few! She is currently a stay-at-home-mom navigating the new waters of parenthood. Her favorite things include running, hiking, baking, and eating her way through Birmingham's amazing food scene!
Maternity Clothes Birmingham

Where to Find Maternity Clothes in Birmingham

If you're like me, getting dressed in the morning can be a stressor. I can't tell you the number of times I have put on five different things only to go back to the...
updated Homewood Central Park in Birmingham, Alabama

Homewood’s Central Park is Updated & Better than Ever

  The newly updated Homewood Central Park playground is now open! As Homewood residents who love to be outside, my family spends a lot of time at this park. Over the past few months, we've...
Easter catering in Birmingham, Alabama

Where to Get Easter Catering in Birmingham

Nothing beats sitting down to a delicious meal you didn't have to cook! This is especially true on a holiday when you want to enjoy the festivities and people around you. This Easter, several...
Valentine's Treats in Birmingham

Five Places to Find Valentine Treats in Birmingham

As far back as I can remember, I have always LOVED Valentine's Day. Now before you roll your eyes and take me for a hopeless romantic, let me tell you the truth. Celebrating love...
King Cake in Birmingham

Places to Find King Cake in Birmingham

As a native Mobilian, I grow nostalgic this time of year for all the things I love most about Mardi Gras. One of the highlights of the season is undoubtedly king cake! I have...
hot chocolate homewood

5 Places to Get Your Hot Chocolate Fix in Homewood

I still vividly remember the first cup of fancy hot chocolate I ever had. My sisters and I grew up doing children's theatre, and one chilly night after a performance, our parents took us...
Trader Joe's Fall

Five Favorite Seasonal Items at Trader Joe’s :: Fall Edition

October is here and so is pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. I'll be honest– I'm here for it. I'm your typical lover of all the fall things. At the same time, there are so many items...

Enough with the Advice Already!

There's something about becoming a parent that seems to make even perfect strangers think you need their help. Whether it's family members, that lady in line next to you at the grocery store, or...

How My Toddler Is Making Me A Better Human

One thing that all parents can agree on is that parenthood is sanctifying work. It is an absolute joy and blessing, but it also requires more from a person than we sometimes want to...
pumpkin muffins

Must-Have Recipes for A Tasty Fall

I'm not especially skilled in many things, but one thing I DO have is an excellent food memory. My husband loves sports and can recall plays and scores from past games and every Heisman...
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