Erica Spray

Erica Spray

When I Said “One and Done” I Meant It

Here are a ten takeaways regarding only children I will leave you with in case you are like me, and, despite societal expectations, feel that one is enough.

Good or Bad, It’s Okay to Feel Emotions

I Sometimes Resent my Own Emotions. But why? They are my emotions, they are real, and they are valid. So, why do I feel guilty when I feel certain things? For example, recently my husband mentioned...

Breaking Cycles

Traits, Traditions, and Traumas Hi, my name is Erica and I am the cycle breaker in my family. I recognized early on that there was a lot of dysfunction involved in my nontraditional upbringing. Dysfunction...

Ardent Preschool and Daycare Reestablished My Trust in Early Education

Birmingham Mom Collective is happy to partner with Ardent Preschool and Day Care in their mission to create an environment for children to grow and thrive. To see if Ardent is the right fit...

10 Things I Wish People Told Me About Motherhood

The Beautiful and The Not So Beautiful I wish both sides were told to first time moms. I walked into motherhood with so many false expectations, starting literally from the moment my son was born....

I’m Not an Instagram Mom and That’s Okay

Instagram Moms We all follow them and admire their content and creativity. Some of us may even go as far as saving their posts so we can recreate their ideas later on. As much as...

I Was Misdiagnosed With Anxiety Disorder

The Word "Anxiety" is Overused. What does it even mean anymore? For me, each time I felt something unsettling I would automatically chalk it up to anxiety. So, let's break that down. Any of the...

Keeping Childhood Memories Organized

The Dilemma: My son is 18 months old and he has recently started attending daycare. I love that he is learning to share and he is making friends with other babies. However, I have to...

Traditional Cajun Gumbo :: Winter Recipe Favorite

I grew up in Louisiana, so that automatically makes me an honorary gumbo snob. Most restaurants have their take on gumbo, and each time I venture out to try one I find that I'm...
exhausted woman

Thoughts on my 30’s

1. I'm never buying another self-help book again. I'm only 34 years old and already I have a collection of them. Being a woman in her thirties is a very vulnerable time. On the bright...
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