Ultimate Guide to Local Toy Stores in Birmingham


toy stores in birminghamIf there is one thing I love to do to tangibly support my city, it’s shopping small. The Magic City has some wonderful small businesses, from bookstores, to breweries, to coffee shops, that we’ve highlighted here on BMC previously. Now, it’s time for this mom blog to tackle the local toy stores in Birmingham.

Disclaimer: I left my children at home during my research for this post, so there is no input from them regarding these stores. However, as a mom, I feel like my thoughts are pretty valid, here. Without further ado, here are the best places to shop for toys nearby.

Homewood Toy & Hobby

Homewood Toy & Hobby

This Homewood institution is the oldest toy store in the Birmingham area. Equipped with a play area, you can actually bring your kiddos into this store without constantly hearing, “Can I have it?” From books, to costumes, to building blocks of all brands, to baby doll accessories, to arts and crafts, you’ll definitely find something great, here. The wall of board games and puzzles is great for picking out timeless gifts for children (& adults) of any age. Plus, they carry a large selection of items for various adult hobbies, too!

Snoozy’s Kids!

Snoozy's Kids!

This new-ish addition to Mountain Brook is a delightful place to stop by if you’re in need of toys for the littles in your life. If you aren’t sure what to gift your loved one, George can help you pick out the perfect item within your budget. If you’d like to do some research before your next shopping trip, you can stop in for a Holiday Cataloge that includes a store coupon. There is also a nice adult gift section near the entrance that includes coffee table books, jewelry, and other accessories. What is better during holiday season than a one-stop shop?!

Learning Express Toys

Learning Express Toys

In Cahaba Heights, this store has a wide array of toys and gifts for children of all ages, including those hard to shop for teens. Jewelry, candy, athletic gear, and even educational activities can be purchased here. Their wall of Squishmallows is truly something to behold! It made me want one for myself, and I have literally no use for a stuffed animal in my life. (There’s also a nice, clean bathroom in this store, so feel free to let those potty-training toddlers tag along.)

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