Special Dentists For Special Little Ones


Dentists for Special Needs KidsThere are few places that adults will openly agree with children are nerve wracking and somewhat scary. One of those places is the dentist’s office. I mean, l have chills just writing about it. For kids, this can be a very scary place, even more so than going to the doctor. So, you can imagine how much harder it is for a special needs child. 

Going to the dentist with Emmett is something that often brings on anxiety for me because I always know what is coming.

Children can pick up on our emotions, and, for an autistic child whose emotions are already heightened, this makes for a very difficult experience. Sometimes I would show Emmett videos on YouTube (like with Blippi going to the dentist), and that would help until we got into the office. Then it was game over.

We often end up in a room with the door shut because the meltdown and tantrums are so loud and over the top. When it comes time for the exam, I turn into a professional wrestler. I wrap my arms and legs around him and lock my muscles. I attempt to hold him still while he thrashes around and screams so the dentist can do a quick cleaning and exam. By the time everything is said and done both of us are usually sweating, sometimes I’m bleeding, and I always have bruises.

It’s heartbreaking because there’s no way to comfort your child in that moment.

They can’t be comforted because they’re absolutely terrified, since most of the time they simply don’t understand what is going on. So, when I say it takes a special dentist, I cannot stress that enough.

As always with any medical profession, check with your insurance to see if these specific places are covered. I have learned that sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right fit for your child. Below, I have listed some practices that have come highly recommended by fellow moms of special littles, as well as ones we have personally used and really liked.

Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry 

1015 Brock’s Gap Pkwy, STE A, Hoover


Lovell Pediatric Dentistry 

1900 28th Ave S, STE 109, Homewood


*Extra Note: they have therapy dogs for their patients to help with visits.

Liberty Park Children’s Dentistry 

1950 Stonegate Dr #100, Vestavia Hills


Oak Mountain Pediatric Dentistry 

6930 Cahaba Valley Rd #200, Birmingham


I do want to say that since this is a scary experience for many kids—mine included—having a place that helps reduce stress and anxiety is essential. I’m not sure when we will reach a point that visiting the dentist will not be met with meltdowns, but I have faith that day will come.

As always, you’ve got this and are doing a fantastic job!


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