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Back To School

As most of our children have headed back to school, there can be a different level of stress that comes from the new schedules. For some, there is a bit of relief that comes from having the structure and routine of the new academic year. For others, the relaxed vibe of the summer will be missed, since some parents prefer a more spontaneous or relaxed day where there is no agenda to follow. This really depends on what type of person each of us is.

Adapting to New Schedules

I think there are benefits to both organized and relaxed times in our schedule, so it’s nice that we can have a natural balance. We all have to adapt and find ways to make the most of our experience as parents. As moms, we will have to adapt to the extra-curricular activity schedule for the sport our children get involved in. We will make several last minute trips to the store for supplies needed for science projects. At some point, We will find ourselves, picking up new, larger clothes and shoes, again. I know it seems like we just bought them, but our kids are bound to have at least one sudden growth spurt this school year.

We Are Appreciated

There is beauty found in every season of life. Remember to find joy in the little moments to feel that all the work is worth the effort. Each of us has made it through another summer and gotten our kids back to school with everything they needed. That, my friends, calls for a reward! Let’s make it a habit to congratulate ourselves on a job well-done. As parents, we accomplish all these tasks day-in and day-out, oftentimes without much thanks for it all. Our family obviously loves and appreciates us, but it is tough work and can begin to take a toll on us.

Give Yourself A Break

What we really need are easily accessible ways to practice self-care when we’re busy caring for others. (I know how easy it can be to forget about myself since I usually seem okay.) I want you to really take the time to love yourself and show you that you matter. You deserve a break. Most of us have family and friends who are happy to watch the kids and help out with chores. So, set a time in your schedule, even if it’s just once a week, to do something for you.

Take Care of Yourself, Too!

We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of other people. Many of us struggle, often in silence, from depression, and that is often accompanied by anxiety, too. We tend to put too much pressure on ourselves and not take enough breaks. We get so used to being what everyone else needs that we forget we are trying to pour from an empty cup and feel inadequate.

You aren’t inadequate, the truth is that we are all very busy and have too much on our plates. Please remember your own needs while being that great mom and wife you are! I have compiled a list of some of my favorite ways to take even just a small amount of time for myself, and I hope they can help you, too. Take it easy, momma!

11 Quick and Simple Self-Care Tips:

  1. Relax- Meditate by imagining you’re relaxing in your favorite place. Imagine specifically what you would do and see if you were there. Even just focusing on your breathing helps.
  2. Drink- Prepare a cup of hot tea, your favorite beverage, or simply enjoy a glass of water to stay hydrated. To elevate your water, try adding sliced cucumbers or your favorite fruit.
  3. Walk- Take a relaxing walk outside and enjoy the fresh air. Drive to a nice local park or trail if you want a change of scenery.
  4. Touch- Massage a part of yourself, like your neck, hands, or feet, or have someone else do it for you, if possible. Try to relax and close your eyes to enjoy the moment.
  5. Nourish- Enjoy a healthy meal or snack that will give you energy and leave you feeling satisfied. Anything involving fresh or even organic produce is a great option.
  6. Unwind- Take a relaxing shower or soak in a warm bath to release stress. Add Epsom salt or bath bombs and play your favorite calming music.
  7. Beauty- Give yourself a spa treatment by painting your nails and doing a pedicure if you can’t get to a salon. Apply a hair or face mask and feel refreshed afterwards.
  8. Indulge- Make a quick charcuterie plate with your favorite crackers, a handful of nuts, and fresh or dried fruit. Add a few types of cheese, some pieces of chocolate, or even your favorite candy. Pair the snacks with wine or another favorite drink.
  9. Journal- Write down everything you are thankful for in a gratitude journal or something similar. This will give you a quick reminder of your blessings anytime you need to reflect.
  10. Snuggling- Studies show you can hug 8-12 times everyday to reduce stress and anxiety. Hugging your kids, your spouse, pet, pillow or even yourself helps to improve your mood.
  11. Laughter- Find a way to laugh by playing a game, watching a comedy series/movie, or talking with a funny loved one. If possible, attend a stand-up comedy show with your spouse or friends.
Now that I’ve given you some of my favorite ways to care for myself, I’d love to hear about yours in the comments!
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Alissa Curry
Alissa was born in California, but was an Army brat so she moved often as a child, but spent much of her childhood in Alabama. She met her husband in high school and after getting married, they lived in Birmingham together as he finished up college. Alissa loves living in Birmingham with her family of 6 because of the great family-oriented activities and beautiful scenery. Alissa spent much of her childhood in Alabama as her father retired from the Army here. After finishing up high school, she followed in her father’s footsteps and went on to serve in the same military branch for several years as well. Once she and her husband began to have children, they decided the military life was no longer ideal for them. Alissa received her Bachelor’s in business administration and marketing and afterward she got excited about building a business to solve a issue she struggled with, so she worked toward creating and patenting a modest breastfeeding product. Alissa also holds an esthetician and real estate license and currently works as a real estate agent while balancing caring for her household . You can often find Alissa spending time with her family, baking a new recipe, or trying to learn a new dance for fun.