Valentine’s Day :: Ideas for a Family Date Night


Can’t find a babysitter for Valentine’s Day? Consider doing a family date night instead.

Family date night can be as formal or as informal as you want to make it. It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be.

The goal of family date night is to have a fun experience that is outside your regular routine. Making it unique is what makes it special. Themed donuts or a card is a nice touch but make Valentine’s 2020 the year you give a little thought to a family affair to remember.

Five Ideas For a Fabulous Family Date Night

1. Dress it up

Get fancy and go out for a sit-down family meal. Put the phones away and enjoy conversation around the table while a staff makes and delivers the meal. The best part? There’s no mess to clean up after you’re finished.

There are plenty of family-friendly spots in town to fit any budget and any time commitment. 

2. Dine in

Instead of dressing up yourself, dress up your dinner table at home. Pull out the good stuff reserved for special occasions and do it up fancy in your own home. Prepare appetizers, the main course, and of course, the dessert!

You can also skip the table and go picnic-style on the living room floor. We did a super simple fondue spread at home one time, and it was a big hit.

3. Add competition

Let the kids give Top Golf a try on a date night.

A little friendly family competition is good for the kids. Birmingham has great gaming options such as Dave & Busters, Paramount, Oak Mountain Lanes, and Top Golf.

4. Get creative

Take the opportunity to experience something creative. Visiting the Birmingham Museum of Art followed by Do It Yourself Crafts is a memorable way for your family to spend the day.

You can also try your hand at a family baking or cooking experience. You can buy ingredients to make gourmet pizzas or a fancy dessert — the ideas are endless!

5. Staycation

With Valentine’s Day on the weekend this year, it’s a great opportunity to pack a bag and spend the night away from home. You don’t even have to leave town, but you can leave the house for a spot that has everything you need for a night of fun. Swimming pools and hotel breakfasts are always a good time to break out of the ordinary.

Pro Tip: Go Solo

Moms, let your husband have a date night with the kids.

Last year, when Valentine’s Day fell on a weekday and I had to work, my husband found a memorable experience for the girls in a very unlikely spot.

A chocolate fountain at Chick-Fil-A for date night

Chick-Fil-A at the Grove in Hoover hosted a date night event for parents and kids. It was a reservation-only event where parents could reserve a table complete with a white tablecloth and table service for the times available. The restaurant was festively decorated, and they even provided themed crafts for kids to do while they waited for their meal. The real fun came in the extras like a chocolate dessert fountain and complimentary limo rides around the block. A year later, our kids still talk about the limo ride.

Special events like this are good for daddy/daughter or mother/son experiences. It’s informal enough to be fun, yet inexpensive enough not to be too intimidating. Valentine’s Day in particular is a great opportunity to let your partner exercise some confidence in taking the kids out solo. 

From Date Nights to Weekend Trips

Get inspired to make more memories with some one-on-one time with your children. What started with a few solo date nights has now turned into our daughters’ most beloved family tradition: the daddy/daughter weekend trip. No special occasion is needed when it comes to making memories.

What are some of your favorite family-friendly spots around town that would make for a great family date night? Tell me in the comments — I’d love to hear them!