5 Baseball Card Shops in Birmingham


Do you have a child (or spouse!) that loves baseball cards and sports memorabilia? We’ve rounded up a list of places to help you and your family members find the sports cards you’ve been wanting. Here are 5 baseball card shops in Birmingham, Alabama…

baseball card shops in Birmingham

1. All Star Sports Cards Emporium

1477 Gadsden Highway, Suite 136, Birmingham, AL

All Star Sports Cards Emporium is a full service hobby shop that buys and sells sports cards for baseball, basketball, football and hockey. There are tons of old school (and new) cards and the staff is very knowledgeable. Fun fact: The shop is less than 15 minutes from a baseball field in Trussville – a great spot to cool down in between games at all-day tournaments.

baseball card shops in Birmingham
‘Ripping’ cards at Lit Cards and More

2. LIT Cards & More

5413 HWY 280 Suite 101, Hoover, AL

Lit Cards and More is your one stop shop for graded sports cards, boxes, and clothing for all ages. This is a fun new spot with a lot of nice products to choose from, memorabilia, and local clothes. Fun fact: They have lots of graded prospect cards.

3. Magic City Collectibles

2809 Central Avenue, Homewood, AL 

Magic City Collectibles is located in the heard of Homewood on Central Avenue. After years of selling sports memorabilia on Ebay and other trading sites, Magic City Collectibles opened a brick and mortar store in Homewood, Alabama. They have a great selection of wax (new cards) along with nice slabbed cards. This is a fun spot to rip a box of baseball cards or two. Fun fact: The owner will keep an eye out for your favorite player and let you know when he runs across a big card.   

4. Sports Nuts Collectibles

210 1st St N, Alabaster, AL

Sports Nuts Collectibles is located in Alabaster. They buy, sell, and trade sports memorabilia, cards, and collectibles. They have a wide selection of cards in their inventory. This is a great spot to buy and trade cards and memorabilia. Fun fact: Think you’ve got a card that should be graded? The owners have a great eye for “10’s”.

5. Yellowhammer Cards & Gaming

5510 Highway 280 Suite 119, Birmingham, AL

Yellowhammer Cards & Gaming is located in a shopping center near Lee Branch. Yellowhammer Cards & Gaming has a nice selection of products ranging from Pokémon products and baseball cards to signed jerseys and more. They have a nice, open space to rip boxes (open boxes of cards). They also have large boxes of single baseball cards to go through. Fun fact: Make sure to spin the “wheel” at the front.

Did you enjoy this list of baseball card shops in Birmingham? If you’re looking for more places to shop in Birmingham, Alabama, check out our Ultimate Guide to Local Toy Stores in Birmingham!

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