5 Reasons Kids and Parents Love the NEW Activate Games in Birmingham

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Do your kids like to play games like the Floor is Lava? Do they like to be inside of a video game? Do you like interactive, physical games that keep your kids entertained and active even when they are indoors? Then you should definitely check out Activate Games. We recently visited the NEW Activate Games in Birmingham, and we had the best time with our kids! Here are 5 reasons kids and parents love the NEW Activate Games in Birmingham…

Activate Games in Birmingham

1. So Many Rooms, So Many Games

Activate Games has several different rooms that your team of 2-5 people can go into and play hundreds of combinations of 1-3 minute games. My kids favorites were the Hoops (basketball) rooms and the Strike (shooter) rooms. Some of the games were easier– like make as many baskets as you can. Some were more challenging– like make the basket of the correct corresponding trivia question answer. More game rooms include Control, Grid, Laser, Press, Portals, Hide, and Mega Grid.

2. Choose Your Level

We were curious how we would be able to play the games together as a family of kids and adults. Activate Games made this easy because our family was able to choose the difficulty level for each room. This made the room enjoyable for everyone as even my 7 year old could participate in the fun. Some rooms increased the difficulty as you went along which made it still challenging for even the adults.

3. Puzzles and Trivia

Activate Games in BirminghamNot only does Activate Games get your heart pumping and your legs moving, but it also challenges your brain! Some of the rooms ask trivia questions, like ‘Who was the first president of the United States’, and some rooms include puzzles that your team has to work to complete together. It includes knowledge and teamwork which makes this place a great choice for a kids outing or a team-building activity.

4. Leaderboard

Each person that plays the games at Activate Games wears an electronic wristband. This wristband tracks the players progress and tallies up every point the player earns in each room. There is a large scoreboard in the middle of all of the game rooms that tracks every player and keeps a ranking of the current players. Feeling competitive? You can keep your eyes on the board to compete to be the best player in your group or in the entire building.

5. Birthday Parties and Groups

Activate Games is a great place for Birthday Parties and Team Building Groups. For kids birthday parties, the party will be broken up into teams of 2-5 people, with an adult of at least 18 years old with each group. Reserve the lounge so you can enjoy food and drink after the games are over. Reserve a birthday party here

Looking for a place for your team or workplace to have a team building event? Activate Games helps your team learn to work together using skills like communication, strategizing, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. All experiences come with at least 75 minutes of gameplay. Games are played on teams of 2-5, and they can accommodate up to 18 teams (72 players) at the same time. Book a Group Reservation here

Activate Games in Birmingham

Have you been to Activate Games in Birmingham? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below!


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