Birmingham Mom Collective :: Introducing Britney C



When I was eight, my parents relocated our family from Montgomery to Birmingham. In 2006, I found myself in a whirlwind summer romance with a Navy guy. We married later that fall, so then I left home as a newlywed to begin the military spouse lifestyle. Fast forward 15 years to August 2021, and my husband and I decided moving to Birmingham was our next step. It was the best decision due to his upcoming retirement from the Navy several months later. Our desire was to continue raising our kids while finally getting the chance to live closer to family.

It’s surreal living back home again after 15 years away. Birmingham has changed drastically from my time growing up here! So, while I’m in the middle of (re)discovering what our beautiful city has to offer, I’m often reminded of the things I love about the area. One thing I do find fascinating is that Birmingham has somehow managed to keep itself a fun little secret, given the explosive popularity the southern region has seen recently. I feel incredibly grateful to be living in the south again—it’s so unique and special! I love how friendly and warm people are, the gorgeous scenery, diverse people that add richness to the community, traditions, sports, patriotism, and especially how many agree on the the importance of family. 


I am mom to my daughter, Harper (12), and son, Trent (8). When I began my journey into motherhood, there’s no other way to put it than it rocked my world. It was exciting to imagine what the new life phase would be like, but when I finally met Harper, it was go-time and I didn’t feel ready!

Early on, nagging doubt pulled at me that I was constantly falling short. I remember one day specifically, Harper was only a few months old. I was crying because I so badly wanted a break. Then, for some reason, I quickly had the realization there will probably come a day I’ll cry because she won’t need me near as much.

My internal struggle is the love and challenge of mothering. How, on one hand, do I hold these overwhelming feelings of my role, while on the other hand I can’t imagine life without them? Yes, for me there were specific challenges, like post-partum depression and living in a different country, but now when I reflect on those early years, grace and empathy fill my memories, too.

My sweet little babies changed me. For the rest of my life, I get the deepest honor of discovering who God made them to be. Watching both of them grow these past 12 and eight years has been the most beautiful gift. I remember, before having kids of my own, hearing friends in the thick of parenting comment, “your child is your heart walking outside of your body.” Of course, there’s no way I could’ve known exactly what they meant back then, but they’re right!


I’m excited to be a contributor for Birmingham Mom Collective. One reason traces back to my life as a military spouse. The military does try to build a network among the families. It’s optional for families to tap into the network, though. I decided early on in order to keep my sanity, plugging into the resources available was a must.

This is how I learned the true value of forging connections to the people and places surrounding me. I did whatever I could to find out what the city had to offer and how to make the most of where we were going to be living. So, my hope is to share a perspective of putting yourself out there to create a life full of relationships and memories that enrich and connect. We have so much to share and learn from those around us, and that’s how I see BMC’s purpose. Ultimately, I believe all people need each other, but especially moms and women.