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We moved to Birmingham about 12 years ago from St. Augustine, Florida, after my husband graduated from PT school. However, my husband was born and raised in Birmingham and always wanted to move back, so this wasn’t a new city to us. We attended college at The University of Alabama and would often visit Birmingham for church and date nights.

There are so many reasons to love Birmingham. One reason is the many activities available for my children to experience as they grow their interests. Another reason Birmingham is so great is the different variety of food that surrounds us. Yet another reason, and this is probably a big one for me, are the different coffee shops in town! There are so many locally owned coffee shops, and this mom loves coffee! 

Birmingham is a great place to be a mom because of the opportunities available to us to make connections. From library story times, to the Birmingham Zoo, to parks, to hiking trails, to the McWane Science Center, to swimming pools, wherever I go I find someone with the same age kids as me and it is an instant conversation starter. Having all these activities makes it easy to schedule outings with other moms, too!


I can remember the times I would sit and dream about being a mom. I could not wait to bear that title. When I became pregnant with our first, I knew immediately that I wanted to wait to find out the gender. This was not a popular decision with our families, but it ended up being the most precious experience. When our oldest was born, Jason was excited to share the news with our families; this was his moment. He proudly announced that it was a girl! We had our Selah. She is very perceptive and loving. She is such a blessing. 

We knew we wanted more and immediately started praying about when the right time would be. The Lord so faithfully gave us another baby two years later. Again, Jason had the gift of sharing with our family that we had our first boy! His name is Corban. He is so kind and energetic. What a gift he is to our family!

We knew our family wasn’t complete, and a little over two years later we had our third. By now everyone was used to us not sharing information,so waiting wasn’t as difficult for them. However, this baby surprised us by being nine days late! We had our second son and our third baby. He is so funny and smart. He keeps us on our toes!

When I think about the fact that I am a mom of three, I sometimes can’t believe it. I do not feel worthy of this calling, and yet, by the Lord’s grace, here I am. It has been so important for me to surround myself with a village of other moms. Whether it be for a quick dinner recipe or a helping hand, I know I always have someone to depend on. I would urge you to find those that you trust and keep them close! 


I am excited about being a contributor for Birmingham Mom Collective because it is time that I give back. I have been a follower from the beginning and have benefited greatly from this community. The knowledge these women have poured out to this community is a gift. I truly hope some of my experiences can now help someone else.

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Shea G
Shea graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in elementary education. She and her husband have been married for 15 years and have 3 precious children. Shea has lived in Birmingham for 12 years, though for her husband this has always been home. They love their church family and are very involved. Shea and her family are active and enjoy sports, camping, fishing, traveling, and exploring God’s beautiful creation. Shea is a teacher turned homeschool mom where she gets to put her profession to use in their home. Shea is also a certified travel agent with Travelmation specializing in Disney Destinations, Universal Studios, cruises, all-inclusive resorts and more! Her focus is on family destinations because she wants to help families create memories that will last a lifetime! Come follow her journey!