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Couple on a romantic dateParenting is a full-time job that requires lots of time and attention from mom and dad. Couples need date nights to nurture their relationship, but since parents usually have minimal “free time,” the first thing that gets chopped from the to-do list is date night. So, I’ve made a list of great date ideas in Birmingham that you can refer to when planning your next date night.

Time together as a couple is important.

Parents often get wrapped up in all the parenting things and forget about themselves. To maintain a strong relationship, parents need quality time together. Be intentional about making space in your schedules for some alone time together, with limited distractions. This time helps your relationship to grow. And, as much as you want to talk about the kids, fight the urge. This is your time together.

What keeps parents from prioritizing date night?

Sometimes, certain barriers prevent you from getting away from the house for date nights. Whether it’s a lack of babysitting options, exhaustion, money, or even guilt, something is always “in the way” of you and your spouse getting in that quality time together. I, and probably every other parent, totally understand this!

Date ideas in Birmingham, Alabama.

If you’re still reading, that means you probably think that a fun date might be just what you need in your life right now. So, let’s explore some of the best places that you can go for your next date. Here is a list of fun things you can do when you find a window of time (and a babysitter):

Spend a romantic afternoon at Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is an excellent place for couples who enjoy being outside. Open seven days a week, scheduling a trip to the gardens can easily fit into parents’ busy schedules. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is located at the southern foot of Red Mountain and offers a unique experience that changes with the seasons. It boasts over 12,000 different types of plants situated across 25 unique gardens. There’s also a lily pool, a water wall, multiple fountains, and beautifully landscaped walkways, making it a perfect place for a romantic afternoon for couples. The rose garden is the ideal backdrop for some gorgeous photos of you and your love. Plan a romantic walk through the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for your next date.

Go to an escape room

Big Escape Rooms, Breakout Games, and Locked in are great places to test you and your partner’s ability to work together to find clues and solve puzzles. What better way to spend time together away from the kids?

View some artwork at the Birmingham Museum of Art

Couples who enjoy art will love spending an afternoon at the Birmingham Museum of Art. This museum is home to more than 24,000 pieces of art, ranging from paintings and prints to sculptures and drawings. The Birmingham Museum of Art is located in the heart of the city and attracts all kinds of art lovers. A visit to the museum is a fabulous way to spend some quality time with your significant other.

Have a picnic at Railroad Park

Right in the middle of downtown Birmingham lies 19 acres of green space called Railroad Park. This is a great place to go for a nice picnic lunch with your partner. This beautifully landscaped space attracts park-goers who enjoy hanging out and enjoying the beauty that our city has to offer. If an afternoon picnic isn’t your thing, head over to Railroad Park’s event calendar to plan a date around one of their many special events. There’s usually a concert, a cook-off, or some other fun event planned that will line up perfectly with your schedule and your interests.

Take a walk through the Birmingham Zoo

If you’re an animal-loving couple, the Birmingham Zoo is an excellent choice for your next date. The Birmingham Zoo is home to over 700 animals and is a great place to visit for some fun with your spouse. Walk hand-in-hand, play a game of I Spy, and grab a snack while you take in all the sights at the zoo! (Bonus: Check out the zoo’s events page so that you don’t miss fun events like wine tastings and other happenings that can make for a fun night!)

Explore the Civil Rights District

The Civil Rights District in Birmingham is where several events that shaped the Civil Rights Movement occurred. This national monument is a great place for an afternoon filled with learning more about the rich history that lies in our area. You can visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Kelly Ingram Park, Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, or all three for a wonderful afternoon of learning.

Shop at Pepper Place Market

The Market at Pepper Place is Birmingham’s most popular farmer’s market. Located in the Pepper Place Entertainment District, the market is open every Saturday, rain or shine, and is a fun place to pick up some fresh, healthy foods from local farmers and food producers. (Bonus Date Idea: Go home and cook a meal together with the items you pick up from the market that day!) You can also catch great live music and check out other goodies from local vendors while you’re there. 

View the city from Vulcan Park

One of the most romantic places in Birmingham is Vulcan Park. An after lunch or before dinner trip to Vulcan Park to get the absolute best view of the city is a perfect way to spend some relaxing time together as a couple.

Attend a Birmingham Barons game

If you love baseball, catch a Birmingham Barons baseball game at Regions Field. Show your hometown team some love while cheering them on with your significant other.

Other romantic date ideas in Birmingham

Grab some coffee at one of Birmingham’s best coffee shops.

Get popsicles at Steel City Pops.

Take a self-guided walking tour of Birmingham.


It all boils down to this: couples who make time for date nights tend to communicate better, resulting in a healthier relationship. Date nights provide an opportunity for couples to focus on each other while taking a quick break from the responsibilities of parenthood. These short breaks recharge couples so that they can get back to being great parents afterwards. 

Use this list to plan several fun dates so that you’ll be ready to go whenever you find a window of time and a babysitter! You’re sure to have a good time with these fun ideas. Let me know your favorite Magic City date spots below!