The Top Mexican Restaurants in Birmingham


Mexican food is a popular family favorite, and I want to share with you some of the best Birmingham has to offer. I have been looking forward to writing this blog for some time now. I have to give a lot of credit to my fellow Birmingham Moms Blog contributors who really helped me with this. Thanks for your input, Ladies! Listed alphabetically, here are the top recommendations from our team.

Babalu Tapas & Tacos

Babalu Tapas & Tacos is famous for their made-at-the-table guacamole, according to our contributor Sarah G. Sarah hasn’t been there with kids, but Angie D. has and recommends it for families. She says the menu offers fresh ingredients and a diverse selection, with the kids having their own menu of items ranging in price from $5.00-$8.00. One disadvantage, according to Dori P., is that you are going downtown and parking is just not easy. She enjoys date nights here, as opposed to family nights, because it is a nice restaurant. My mouth is watering!


Who doesn’t love Chuy’s and the loud, lively atmosphere? Of course you can bring your kids there, and who cares if chips are all over the floor?! This was a favorite of Julie S.’s and Rachel G.’s. It is my personal favorite too. Portions are plentiful and you can usually take home food for the next day, depending on what you order. My favorite thing there is the shrimp tacos — YUM!

El Barrio

El Barrio was a kid-friendly favorite for several people. Holly H. says they source lots of ingredients locally, and she loves their tacos. We all love a good taco! Angie D. says this is her favorite place to go. She can go out for date night or take the kids. I am looking forward to going here as I have not tried this place, but it sounds out of this world!

El Poblano

Located off of Rocky Ridge Road, this is a true family favorite. Thanks to Lynn C. for reminding me of it. I, too, love this place and its fun menu and easy atmosphere. Absolutely, you can bring kids here. They expanded their store a while ago and they have lots of seating now. You really can get in and out for under $10. Can’t beat that! Their soft tacos are my favorite!

The Little Donkey

The Little Donkey originally opened in Homewood, and another one opened in July on Highway 280. Sarah G. loves their cheese dip, along with her whole family, and their mix and match tacos. She recommends one chicken and one pork. Great to know! Angie D. also gives her nod to Little Donkey. This is one of three that are a little high-end, and not everyone agrees to take their kids there. I went shortly after it opened, and it was completely enjoyable. The food was delicious!

Sol Azteca

Cassidy C. loves to go to this lovely place with her family. I asked her why and she said that they have clean restrooms, so it is easy to work with a potty training two year old. Ha! She also said the seats are all booths so parents can corral the children. Also, they have gluten-, dairy- and corn-free options, so her oldest can eat and ENJOY! They have wonderful queso, too! The only downside is they aren’t so good on the sweet tea. That makes a difference to a Southern girl! But, it doesn’t stop her from going back! Julie S. also likes this restaurant. My favorite item here is their chicken taco salad.

Other mentions among our team included Habaneros (multiple locations around Birmingham!), LEON La Taberna in Liberty Park, Zapopan’s (Calera and Montevallo), and Cocina Superior at Brookwood Village.

I hope this has been a fun read for you and maybe you will try a new (to you) place or two. It is always fun discovering new things — with and without our kids! 

Share your favorites in the comments below!


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