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There is nothing wrong with a little family competition. Actually, competition will come with life and the earlier we allow our children the space to be competitive, the quicker they learn to be team players and handle defeat. No, I am not saying that your child needs to be losing every round, but feeling defeat is just as important as winning. These are some games that we play in my household to help build character in my six year old. 

Family game night Birmingham, Alabama

The family favorite: Uno

We are a bilingual family and Uno has given us the opportunity to repeatedly speak Vietnamese. When we place cards down we say the color in Vietnamese and then the number in Vietnamese. This can be done in other languages or in English when children are learning colors and numbers. It gives children an authentic opportunity to speak. 

Another thing we love about Uno are the rules, like draw +2/+4 and skips. These rules are not fun at all and teaching children that sometimes rules aren’t fun but we still have to obey them is an important concept. These are concepts that also carry into their real world. 

My personal favorite: Yahtzee 

The teacher in me definitely came out when I picked this game. I love number concept and children getting the opportunity to authentically work with numbers. Yahtzee has children analyzing numbers and using strategies to get the highest score. There are also opportunities to talk about number sense (when counting the dice) and also percentages and fractions (ex: “I need a five or a one, I have a 2/6 or 1/3 chance of rolling that). 

Game we have grown to love: Trouble

I love a game with rules and Trouble is a game with certain rules. This is a fun game that multiple people can play. Any game, like mentioned before, with a die or dice will give students an opportunity to work on their number sense. Also this is a game of strategy and I will use certain opportunities to point out to my son which opportunities he has and which one would be smarter to choose. This relates back to life; sometimes there are multiple options we have to explore so that we can make the best choice for ourselves. 

There are plenty of other games that are amazing for the family! I suggest buying them from a local toy store and testing them out with your children. There are some skills that are harder to teach our children. Being competitive but humble is one of them. I think most of the time people will look at sports to build those skills, but you can actively be working on them every day at home by playing some of our favorite games with your kiddos.

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Mary is a Northern girl living her best life in the South. She grew up in Pennsylvania and had the privilege of growing up in a suburb right outside of Philadelphia. Of course, she still loves cheering on Philadelphia sports (Fly Eagles Fly). In 2013 her family moved to Montgomery, Alabama so that her brother could pursue football. Alabama is now considered her home where she raises her 4 year old. Other than being a mom; she is an educator, advocate and dog lover.


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