Make School Mornings Easier


August is here, which means that school has either started or is right around the corner for you! Here are some tips and tricks to make your school mornings easier.

1. Start the night before.

  • School outfits can be a battle. Save yourself the mental battle by having your kids pick out school clothes the night before. If their preferences tend to vary, have them set out two outfits. I even know some parents who have their kids sleep in their school clothes. Eliminate the wardrobe fight!
  • Pack backpacks with homework, signed papers, etc.
  • Have easy options for lunches, and prep lunchboxes and drinks beforehand.

2. Wake up before your kiddos.

  • Mornings run more smoothly when we get up before the children. This creates space for peace and quiet, and it also allows us to get simple tasks done early without interruptions and children’s opinions.

3. Make a schedule.

  • For children who aren’t readers yet, post a daily picture schedule on the fridge, so they
    know what to expect. Some examples of tasks include eating breakfast, brushing teeth, changing clothes, and making the bed.
  • Monthly calendars are also helpful so you can visually see upcoming school events. You
    will be less likely to be blindsided by special days like pajama day, character theme days, and everything else that comes with school.

4. Give yourself margin.

  • Set a 5-minute timer to go off before you need to leave. This helps everyone get headed in the same direction.

5. Have a space specifically for backpacks, jackets, etc.

  • Mornings with children are chaotic enough without having to go on a scavenger hunt to find things! Have a space specifically for dropping off lunchboxes and backpacks. This will keep your house less cluttered as well.

If you have a rising Kindergartener, here are some additional tips!

  • Give yourself a refresher on the school dress code. You don’t want to find yourself scavenging for clothes that fit your child and fit the school dress code the day before school starts.
  • For the first few weeks of school, attach a tag to your child’s backpack with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and school bus number. This way, if your child gets confused about where to go or what school bus to ride, a teacher can easily get them going in the right direction.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes and shoes in your child’s backpack. Write your child’s name on a large plastic bag. Then put your child’s clothes and shoes in the plastic bag and backpack. In case there are any accidents or messes at school, this saves you time and saves your child prolonged embarrassment waiting around for a new outfit.
  • Have them wear PE and recess-friendly shoes! While cute sandals may be great for
    pictures, they are not safe for playing chase on the playground.
Do you have other tips for school mornings? Share them with us below!
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  1. Let your final words to your children each morning be loving and uplifting, no matter what tension might have preceded that moment. Some of my favorites are: saying the Lord’s Prayer as a family; or “Have a great day!” or “ I love you and know you will make great choices today!”

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