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Holiday Catering BirminghamAs moms, we’re busy. And as much we’d like to create all of the holiday magic from scratch without missing a beat, that’s just not realistic for most of us. However, it could not be easier to outsource nowadays! One of the perks of living in such a foodie city is our seemingly endless options for good, pre-made foods to help us out during the holidays when we want to have a delicious meal with our friends and families. Without further ado, here is some of the best Holiday Catering in Birmingham!

Ashley Mac’s

This Birmingham-area small chain is an institution, so, thankfully, you can get multiple things here for the holidays. This restaurant offers breakfast options, a ham-bundle or turkey-bundle, and with pre-made desserts and appetizers for all of your festive gatherings. If you’d prefer a less-festive option, check out their pre-made casseroles that are always in-store, or get a take-home family meal. Whatever your food needs are, Ashley Mac’s has you covered!


With various locations around town, there is no reason to not have a nugget tray at your holiday meals for the kids. I know we want to help our children expand their pallets, but sometimes we just want to avoid a battle. Personally, I don’t have the energy to bargain with a picky eater during busy holiday celebrations, so I’m always thankful for this trusty option.

Cracker Barrel

This large chaing is a comfort food powerhouse. Whether you’re serving your family or a larger crowd, you’ll get what you need for a traditional, Southern Thanksgiving here. All meals include turkey with sides, and they have multiple pies to choose from for dessert. These meals are available hot or refrigerated.

Dreamland BBQ

Let this famous barbecue be the centerpiece of your feast! Don’t sleep on these sides (“fixins'”) or desserts, either. Once you’ve tired of turkey for the season, grab some smoked chicken, ribs, pulled pork, and/or sausage to change things up a bit.


This bakery actually has so much more than baked goods! I mean, don’t sleep on their desserts, and their cinnamon rolls are the perfect holiday breakfast, but you can get an entire Thanksgiving dinner here! With from-scratch rolls, three sides, and several desserts available, your ham will be perfectly accompanied on your holiday table.

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill

This authentic Israeli cuisine will be a welcome addition to any holiday table. This 280 stable specializes in hummus, falafel, kabobs, and shwarma, along with delicious Middle-Eastern sides and deserts. Since Eli’s has both family dinners and catering options, you’ll be set for whatever you need this season.

Full Moon BBQ

Is this a traditional holiday meal? No. Will your friends and family love it, anyways? Absolutely! I mean, who doesn’t love barbecue? (I’ve even been to a wedding reception with a catered BBQ buffet for dinner!) Yet, this restaurant has even more to offer, because their sides are yummy and those cookies (you know the ones) are just delightful.

Home Plate Cooking

Home Plate Cooking in Helena is a great option if you are looking for that made from scratch, homemade experience but without the hassle. They have ready-to-cook meals available in various sizes that can be cooked in your oven and ready to serve in less than an hour. You can also pick up an assortment of side items, bread, and desserts to compliment your meal. They even have a drive-thru for easy pick-up! 

Hometown Fare

This hidden gem is located in Ross Bridge in Hoover and run by owner and Executive Chef, Shelby Adams. You can expect fresh, local ingredients with a Southern twist. Shelby worked at critically-acclaimed restaurants such as Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, Bottega, Highlands Bar & Grill, and Hot & Hot Fish Club. For Thanksgiving you can order sides, sauces, desserts, breads, and breakfast options.

Homewood Gourmet

This restaurant has oodles of catering options! Whether you need lunch, fancy appetizers (seriously, these are some swanky options), or a dinner with dessert, Homewood Gourmet has you covered! They also have A LOT of soup and salad options, so you can easily get a multi-course meal here.

The Honey Baked Ham

With three full-service locations and one seasonal location in the Birmingham area, this is a very convenient restaurant for traditional holiday catering. They offer an extensive menu with lunches and dinners. Don’t let the name fool you! Their feast options include not just ham, but also turkey and beef.

Iz Cafe

This Vestavia restaurant has a great holiday dinner option with several traditional Thanksgiving sides and a large selection of desserts. You can also opt for one of their Take-Home dinners, which change daily, or a premade casserole sold in-store if you need something other than turkey and dressing.


Okay, hear me out on this one. It’s far from traditional American fare, but this Indo-Pak grill sells tandoori turkey for Thanksgiving! I mean, it’s definitely not traditional, but why not embrace the “melting pot” that is the US for this American holiday? Grab some samosas while you’re at it, and maybe even a few mango lassis for the picky littles. This food is really authentic, so be prepared for some heat!

New York Butcher Shoppe

Yes, this butcher sells premium cuts of meat, but they also sell prepared foods! This shoppe even has specialty grocery items and assorted wines for sale, so this can easily be a one-and-done food mart for your holiday feasts. (Or for a fancy charcuterie plate for those nights you don’t want to cook.)


That’s right! For a great holiday meal, look no further than your local grocery store. This option couldn’t be easier! Choose from a whole turkey, a ham, or a turkey breast, then choose your sides and desserts; just pick up your meal at Publix and heat before dinner. They also sell plenty of sides and desserts in the deli/bakery area, so literally everything you need is in one place!

Real and Rosemary

This is a great option if you need a nice meal, but want it on the lighter side. They not only have traditional holiday sides, but they also put a fresh new spin on some familiar favorites. If you need a nice meal without the typical ham or turkey, check this place out! You can also purchase salads and soups for your midday meal needs.


With a couple of locations in the Birmingham-area, Sprouts is a great way to get a high-quality holiday meal (or even party platters) for your family without spending all day in front of the stove. You can choose from meals including turkey, beef, ham, or even a vegan roast. If you’d like an entire plant-based meal, this is a winner! Just order, pick-up, reheat, and enjoy.


If you’d like to add a Mediterranean flair to your special event, then look no further! Taziki’s offers catering for large events, but they also have family feasts (for under 10) on the menu, along with everything in between. With easy online ordering, this is a painless option for getting your family fed, either on a holiday or just a regular Tuesday.

Taco Mama

Once again, here is a non-traditional option, but who doesn’t love Taco Mama? When I went to a wedding reception recently and saw a taco bar, I was ecstatic! Why not bring that energy to your holiday gatherings? Choose from a taco/nacho bar, burritos, or quesadillas; and round it out with chips and salsa, guacamole, and queso. 

Urban Cookhouse

This Birmingham-staple offers a full-meal catering option. You can choose from turkey or ham, get a couple of sides, some Millie Ray’s orange rolls, and sweet tea or their housemade strawberry lemonade. And don’t neglect to grab a couple of fluffer nutters as treats for the picky littles in your family!


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