My 2-Year-Old Twins’ Goldfish Swim School Experience + A Giveaway & Free Swim Trial!

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Goldfish Swim SchoolIt was very important to me that my kids know what to do if they were to fall into a pool on accident. I am a strong swimmer, and I absolutely take basic pool safety for granted. I jumped at the chance when I had the opportunity to take my twin girls, Elle and June, to Goldfish Swim School for swim lessons. I’m excited to share about our experience and even more thrilled that Goldfish Swim School Hoover is generously offering our readers a FREE trial swim lesson this fall and a chance to win a whole month of free swim lessons!

Our Class

Elle and June were two years old at the time they started their lessons, and I was given two options for classes – one where parents could join in the pool and one where they are in the pool with just an instructor. I opted for just an instructor, mainly because each child has to have a parent with them, and my husband is unavailable during the day because of work. 

The First Day

Our first day was a roller coaster. When we arrived at Goldfish, Elle and June were excited to go swimming, but their excitement quickly went away when they realized that I wasn’t going into the pool with them, and was in fact walking away. The Goldfish team has plenty of extra team members on hand to work one-on-one with reluctant swimmers to get them comfortable in the water. My girls were in a Mini 3 class where the teacher to student ratio is 3:1. As kids move up beyond that level, the ratio is 4:1 max. 


The Goldfish Swim School in Hoover is located at the Grove, right next to the Target (5549 Grove Boulevard, Hoover, AL 35226).

Goldfish Swim School

The actual business has a large swimming pool that is divided with ropes depending on what classes are going on. In general, the classes with the younger children and parents are on one end of the pool, and classes with bigger kids and their instructors are on the other end of the pool. There is also a dividing glass wall where parents and guardians can keep a close watch on the ongoing swim lessons!

Goldfish also has several amenities that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Private family changing huts
  • Small shop to buy a few items, including snacks
  • Showers with baby shampoo provided
  • Hair drying station
  • Swimsuit dryer

Each week, students receive a prize at the end of their lesson. Prizes include bath toys, stickers, temporary tattoos and more! It is something we look forward to!


Whenever we talk to someone at the front desk or ask questions of instructors, everyone is always very helpful and personable!

Goldfish Swim School

In our experience with the classes, the instructors usually work 1:1 with each child in turn while a lifeguard keeps a close watch on everyone else. 

Elle and June also look forward to the ribbons that they occasionally get from their lessons. When they hit some sort of goal, their instructor gives them a ribbon. They get excited every time they receive one. What a great motivation tool these have been for us!

Where We are Now

Elle and June’s swimming abilities have improved two-fold, easily! They can now “crab walk” along the pool wall to keep their heads out of the water and they can even climb out of the pool entirely! They are also confident in underwater swimming and can put their heads under the water in our wading pool enough to get diving toys.

We love Goldfish Swim School and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their children’s water safety skills!

Win Free Swim Lessons!

Summer never ends at Goldfish! Kids benefit from consistent, year-round swim lessons. The team at Goldfish Swim School Hoover is celebrating the arrival of fall by  giving away A MONTH OF FREE SWIM LESSONS TO ONE LUCKY WINNER! 

Goldfish Swim School Hoover offers indoor, year-round swim instruction to children ages 4 months to 12 years-old in a safe, fun and family-friendly setting with highly trained instructors and small class sizes (max 4:1 student to teacher ratio), and shiver-free 90-degree pools. Goldfish offers convenient scheduling options and families can easily book makeup classes when necessary. Families can register for swim lessons by visiting or calling (205)512-9941. Book a free trial class this fall!

To enter to win a free month of swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School Birmingham, please complete this form.

Giveaway ends October 28, 2022 at midnight. Winner will be selected at random. Lesson dates and times subject to availability. Can’t wait to see you in the pool!