How Spinning Babies® at Ascension St. Vincent’s Can Help Your Pregnancy & Delivery

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Spinning BabiesWe already know Ascension St. Vincent’s offers top-notch care for moms and babies. But did you also know they are the only hospital in Birmingham offering a special prenatal preparation program taught by Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators? 

What Is Spinning Babies®?

Spinning Babies® is a different way to look at pregnancy, labor, and birth preparation. It involves a focus on physiology that encourages options that are centered around a pregnant/laboring mother’s body.
The focus begins well before birth when moms begin to prepare their bodies for birth through caring for themselves and focusing on body balancing, while making room for their baby to be born.

A Third Perspective to Childbirth

Spinning Babies® was born (no pun intended!) because life isn’t always an “either/or.” According to the Spinning Babies® website:

“Spinning Babies® offers a third perspective to the ‘natural vs. managed’ childbirth today. In reality, we don’t pick all one or all the other. Technology and Nature aren’t teams in a sport to which we must be loyal….So, rather than increasing technology or medication to help childbirth, we activate nature within the body by working with the body in new ways. We begin with physiology and move to interventions if and when needed.”

According to Madonna Nichols, MSN, RN, the Administrative Director of Women & Children’s Services at St. Vincent’s, Spinning Babies® came to St. Vincent’s over five years ago. One of their Birth Suites’ RNs expressed interest in attending a Spinning Babies® class to learn more about the program. She brought the information back to her peers, and soon four additional RNs attended the same educational session.

Darlene Casey, RN, works with an expectant mother to prepare for birth.

St. Vincent’s quickly saw a difference in how patients labored and gave birth when their nurses used Spinning Babies® methods. They knew they needed to offer this to all their patients.

Today, every nurse who works at St. Vincent’s over six months completes the Spinning Babies® Workshop. The workshop includes two-day training sessions to learn the foundations of the program. Nurses are then prepared to provide even better care to patients following this method.

A large portion of St. Vincent’s nurses have also completed the Advanced Spinning Babies® Workshop giving them even more knowledge and resources to better serve their patients.

“A Pivotal Moment in My Career”

Sarah Phillips, BSN, RN, a Birth Suites Registered Nurse said, “Attending the Spinning Babies® Workshop was a pivotal moment in my career. It equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to educate mothers and their partners on effectively managing labor and understanding what to expect.”

Sarah adds that Spinning Babies® has helped her to identify what is needed before an assessment of dilation is even made simply from fetal heart rate tracing, contraction pattern, and belly mapping. She said, “I have learned so much about body balancing and how important it can be from early on in pregnancy.”

Spinning Babies® has created unique names for many of their stretches and positions. Sarah gets tickled explaining to her patients that she’s going to help them get into the “Flying Cow Girl” position! The St. Vincent’s doctors are also educated in Spinning Babies® and support the nurses as they help care for their patients. Sarah loves when a doctor comes in and asks if they have tried the “Shake the Apple Tree” position! The many reactions they get make for fun times when anxiety can be elevated.

Benefits of Spinning Babies® Methods

Kenna Praytor, RN, a Birth Suites Resource Nurse has been at St. Vincent’s for nine years and has seen the benefits of Spinning Babies® techniques firsthand. She’s assisted in encouraging the progression of labor while also decreasing the need for unnecessary interventions. 

Darlene Casey, RN, works with an expectant mother to prepare for birth.
Darlene Casey, RN, works with an expectant mother to prepare for birth.

For example, if she feels like a baby is looking in the wrong direction in the pelvis at the time of delivery, she can help the laboring mother perform positions such as the “Hands and Knees” position to encourage the baby’s rotation.

When Spinning Babies® positions are used during labor, there is often a decrease in laboring time and pushing time in patients, regardless if it’s a medicated or unmedicated birth. Kenna and the rest of the Birth Suite Nurses have also seen a decrease in C-Section rates for moms who choose elective inductions. 

St. Vincent’s Birth Suites are always striving to give their patients a safe, comfortable environment. They enjoy working with all their patients to help them achieve the birth experience they desire whenever possible. 

Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class

Anyone who is pregnant is welcome to attend St. Vincent’s Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class. It is best to attend in the second or early third trimester. The Birth Preparation Class provides the opportunity to learn about physiology of pregnancy, labor, and birth. It also covers basic techniques for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth.

This is not a typical childbirth education class because it focuses on increasing knowledge while building confidence and skills for the mom’s partner and reassurance for her. It also focuses on the daily essentials that mom can be doing to prepare her body for birth.

For first time moms, the class is a great accompaniment to the “Your Best Birth” class. Rachel Taylor BSN, RN, Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator says, “In pregnancy, parents are encouraged to take the Spinning Babies® Birth Preparation Class. This class helps prepare the mother’s body for labor through daily activities and body balancing techniques. With this empowering class, the mother will find better comfort in pregnancy and a more straightforward, confident birth. Birth is a partnership between the mom and her baby–and it starts here!”

Schedule a Class

Group classes are offered monthly and can be scheduled through St. Vincent’s website. Private classes can be scheduled by calling St. Vincent’s Monogram Maternity Department at (205)-212-MOMS (6667).

St. Vincent’s proudly functions as a close-knit family, sharing a culture of compassion and dedication. They continually invest in each other’s knowledge and experiences to provide the best possible care to their patients. Make an appointment today and tell them Birmingham Mom Collective sent you!