What I Love About Meal Prepping


Life can be busy, busy, busy. I sometimes feel like there just isn’t enough time to do everything I want to. I am constantly looking for opportunities to add time to my day, and, as a bonus, save money. 

I started my meal prepping journey by buying cheap containers.

I found some great containers that I can buy in bulk. I found a pack of 20 meal prepping containers for $20! They usually last me months, but if they don’t, I am totally fine with it because it’s only $1 per container.

TikTok and Instagram have a ton of meal prepping recipes available for you to explore. I usually start prepping my week on Sundays. I typically make two meals, one that contains pasta and one with rice and some kind of protein. I make enough to last the whole week, so there ends up being 10 containers in my fridge.

Here’s a favorite, easy recipe of mine to prep ahead of time:

  1. Make rice. (I usually cook 4-5 cups for my 5 containers because I like to fill up my container with rice.) If you are looking for more protein or flavor you can use chicken stock in your rice instead of water.
  2. I usually add a vegetable to my container, and our go-to vegetable is broccoli. We just steam it.
  3. Lastly, for the protein, I cook chicken and add some spices to the chicken. (You can also add yum yum sauce to this meal, which makes it even better!)

Meal prepping becomes super useful when I bring food for lunch at work.

All I have to do in the morning is grab my container and reheat it at work. I get asked a lot if I get tired of eating the same thing, and I haven’t, but you do what works for you. I meal prep two different types of meals so that I can have options and sometimes instead of using them for lunch, my son and I will eat the pasta I made for dinner. Meal prepping has saved us time and money. It allows me to have more time at the gym and more time at night with my son.

What are your favorite meals to prep ahead of time?
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