New Restaurants in the 119/280 Area


restaurants near 119I don’t know what to call the part of town I live in. It’s the 119/280 area in North Shelby County, close to parts of Hoover and Meadowbrook, and zoned for Oak Mountain Schools. Anyways, I couldn’t help but notice how many great new businesses we’ve gotten just over the past couple of months! So, here are the brand new restaurants near 119/280 I’m most excited about having nearby.

Baba Java Coffee/Popbar

I love coffee so much, and Baba Java in Hoover has been my go-to for good, local coffee for a while. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic they’re so close to me in the Village at Meadowbrook, now! Plus, this location sells gelato and sorbet pops, which you can get dipped, topped, or even sandwiched to make the dessert of your dreams! My daughters ask to stop by multiple times per week, and this place has been open for less than a month. (Where could they have learned that from?) That’s how kid-friendly and yummy this place is! Plus, they’re so friendly. You’ll feel welcomed and appreciated, here, for sure.

Fuku Ramen

This Tuscaloosa-based restaurant now in the Village at Lee Branch boasts authentic Japanese food, not just ramen, which I have been on the lookout for over the past few years! (Seriously, I have asked more than one of my Japanese friends to open a restaurant.) Ramen is my go-to comfort food at home (thank you Costco!), and now I can go out with my Japanese food-loving daughter for super yummy lunch dates; and I couldn’t be happier. Neither could she. I can’t wait to get well-acquainted with the menu, here, and learn about some new-to-me dishes! Plus, this place also sells boba tea, so now I don’t have to brave 280 when I want to get a treat for my kiddos.

Saffron Indian Kitchen

Opening in the old Bayleaf spot on Hwy 280, this Montgomery-based business is a welcome addition to the area. I know many people were bummed that our old local Indian restaurant closed, so this is absolutely a great spot to have nearby. Nothing compares to Indian food when that craving hits, so not having to drive to another part of town when that happens will be super convenient. I’ve already read some raves about this place!

SanPeggio’s Pizza

I know there is another SanPeggio’s near my area, but this one off of Doug Baker Blvd. is SO CLOSE to my house. I love the pizza here, and I now love that I can grab dinner and make it back home in 2-3 Blueys (what, you don’t count time by Bluey episodes in your house?) on a busy weeknight when time is tight or when I maybe accidentally burned the other pizza I was making in the oven. Whatever the reason, having a great pizza spot close-by is definitely handy.

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