Why You Shouldn’t Make a New Year’s Resolution

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As we start a new year, we tend to start our New Year’s Resolutions (which we know will inevitably not happen). Whether it is a few weeks into January or a few months into the year, New Year’s Resolutions just do not last! Here is another alternative that will help you be more productive and achieve the lifestyle changes you desire.

The 12 Dashboards

I first heard of the 12 Dashboards from our Pastor who has a crazy, full schedule. As a mom of two young ones, I knew that I needed to start implementing this too.

The 12 Dashboards evaluate 12 areas of personal growth (faith, marriage, family, office, digital, ministry, financial, social, attitudinal, creative, mental, and physical). Each month, you grade yourself from A to F in the different areas and write a sentence summarizing the month’s successes had or improvements that need to be made. It is that simple! See a copy of the 12 Dashboards monthly printout here.

Why You Should Switch to the 12 Dashboards

Especially in the chaos in motherhood, setting a consistent yearly goal is complicated. Schedules change, sickness strikes, and immediately we must redirect our attention. This often leaves our goals long forgotten. That is why I started the 12 Dashboards method last year.

Monthly reset rather than a yearly reset

As it is with anything, it is easier to do something for a month, rather than a year. When we get off-track, we find ourselves able to get back up when the task seems attainable. A smaller goal is more achievable.

Quick or elaborate activity

The beauty is that this evaluation could be as quick or elaborate as you would like for it to be. With young children, I find myself doing the quick version, but it is still just as effective! Put an appointment in your calendar for the same day every month, so you will have regular reminders and results.

Reality Check

I’ve found that there are months I felt like were an utter failure, but after doing my 12 Dashboard evaluation, it was only one or two areas that were chaotic. This helps me be more realistic about my circumstances and optimistic about reality.

I have now kissed New Year’s Resolutions goodbye and found that this new method is exactly what I need. Hopefully it will ring in your New Year with more success too!

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