Best Family-Friendly Bike Trails Around Birmingham


With our newly discovered family hobby of bike-riding came the question of where do we ride our bikes other than our neighborhood? We have a lot of hills that are difficult for me, so I know it’s hard for my youngest who still has training wheels. I began researching bike trails in our area and here are the best family-friendly bike trails around Birmingham…

Birmingham’s Best Family-Friendly Bike Trails

Oak Mountain State Park

I feel like this one is pretty obvious, not just for bike rides, but for any outdoor activity. Our local state park is a wonderful asset to our area! Oak Mountain has 30 miles of bike trails for all skill levels. They also have a BMX trail for those who like the thrill of speed, hills, and jumps. For fall break, we went on our first family camping trip and we tried out the Light Trail. My husband and oldest kids have also been on the Lake Trail and the Family Trail. Oak Mountain is definitely a great place for some easy mountain biking with the family. You can even buy an annual pass to the park so you can load up the bikes and ride as often as you want. 

Heardmont Park

Not far from Oak Mountain is a park with various ball fields, a playground, picnic areas, pickleball and tennis courts, but most importantly for a bike riding family, paved trails. Because these trails are paved, they are ideal for the beginner bike rider that may still have training wheels. If you go when the weather is warm, there are spots where you can get your feet wet and cool off in the Cahaba Valley Creek. 

Veteran’s Park in Alabaster 

Located down Highway 119, this park has plenty of outdoor amenities, but what’s best is the two miles of lighted trails that are bicycle friendly. At Veteran’s Park you can play on the playground, feed the fish in the ponds, and enjoy a picnic in one of their several pavilions. I’m thinking this is a good way to burn some energy on a late summer afternoon! Play for a while, end with a picnic dinner, and hope the kids are too worn out to fuss about bedtime! 

Black Creek Mountain Bike Park

Am I the only one who did not know we have a park dedicated to mountain biking in Hoover? To be fair, it’s somewhat new. It opened in June 2019. Black Creek is a 73-acre mountain bike park located along Stadium Trace Parkway. The park has 5 miles of bike trails for all skill levels. 

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve 

Have you been? This place sounds amazing! Turkey Creek is a 466-acre nature preserve located in Pinson with a rich history and natural wonders. There’s plenty to do here, but if you come with your bikes, you’ll want to take a ride on the trails. Turkey Creek has five trails, and two of them are bike friendly. Check out the map of the trails to see which one would be good for your family. 

Lakeshore Trail

Located in Homewood, this is another paved option that is great for the younger riders. The trail runs along Shades Creek and has great scenery. The distance is 2.5 miles one way and has an elevation of 80 feet. This trail is multi-use and a popular place to find runners and walkers, so keep that in mind as you haul your biker gang out to the trail. 

Vulcan Trail

This is the trail my family most recently visited. Vulcan Trail is part of Birmingham’s Red Rock Trail system. A portion of the trail is paved, making it another great option for the entire family. The trail is a total of 4 miles round trip and has fantastic views of Vulcan and downtown Birmingham. I’m thinking a ride just before the park closes at sunset would be beautiful! 

best family-friendly bike trails around birmingham - appreciate birmingham's beauty in a whole new way!
The view from the Vulcan Trail.

Norwood Boulevard

As an alternative to the beautiful but popular Highland Avenue, Norwood Boulevard is a leisurely option for a family bike ride through a Birmingham neighborhood. Norwood boasts some beautiful historic homes. The trolley stop at 15th Avenue and 32nd Street is a cute place to take a break for a snack and a photo. You can park your car by Kirby Elementary and the community center at 15th Avenue and 28th Street while you ride. 

Red Rock Trail System

The Red Rock Trail system currently connects 125 miles of trails in the Birmingham area, some of which are mentioned above. Once complete, the system will connect 750 miles of multi-use trails. I was pleased to find out about this in my research on family friendly bike trails! Look here to find a trail. You will find the Rotary Trail, Railroad Park, and Jones Valley trail, and maybe even trails you didn’t know about! 

There are plenty more trails I could share with you, but this is a good start to get your family on an adventure. Who knew Birmingham and its surrounding cities had so much to offer in the way of bike riding? I’m pumped! Who’s ready to ride? 

Tell us what to add to our list of the best family-friendly bike trails around Birmingham!

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This article was originally posted in 2021.
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